Monday, June 18, 2012

Quickest Date Ever

A few nights ago, I had probably the quickest date of my life.  I went back on Plenty of Fish (an online dating site) mostly so I have stories to blog about.  This guy sent me a message a few weeks ago.  We chatted a couple times and then exchanged phone numbers.  We sent a couple text messages and then nothing. 

About a week ago, I got a call from him.  I had programmed him into my phone so I knew who it was.  I didn't answer and he didn't leave a message.  The next day I sent him a text asking if he had called?  He said he did.  Then we exchanged a couple very general text messages - how are you?  great weather, isn't it?  Etc, etc.  

A couple nights ago I get a call from this guy.  I decide to answer.  "Hello" I say.   He says "Hi".  I say "Hello".  I know who it is because I saved the contact , but he doesn't know I know who it is.  This drives me crazy.  I've had this happen before - a person I meet online, whom I've never spoken to, calls for the first time and doesn't identify himself.   Really??  I have very good friends that I talk to on a weekly basis who still identify themselves when calling on the phone.

He asks me if I know who it is.  I tell him the name that I have the number programmed as.  He said he has my number programmed with my name.  Ok, so we’re getting there.  He asked a couple questions and I start to feel that maybe he was getting his "fish" confused.  Sometimes, on these sites, there are multiple people that you’re communicating with and it is hard to keep them straight, especially if 3 of them have the SAME NAME.   (This is why, in talking about my online dates - they get descriptive names like "Airplane Guy" or "Symphony Guy" or "Drunk Guy".   This naming system is an episode in “That’s Our Kelly” - coming to a theatre near you... well maybe someday.) 

So he said he was going to the casino in Delaware Park for the a few hours and he just happens to be passing by where I live.   He asks if I want to go with him.  Well I’m generally a spontaneous person and have a little adventure in me.  So for a brief second I consider it.  But I say no and give a list of  lame reasons – I have to work tomorrow, I just finished mowing the lawn and it would take me forever to get ready, yada, yada, yada.    He said he just pulled over to wait for me.  

Well, I figure if I get to the mall where he was waiting I’d convince him to go for a drink or dinner so we could get to know each other.   Turned out he was meeting a friend at Delaware Park and can’t blow him off.   So we made tentative plans to meet on Thursday, he gave  me a hug and off he went.   I was with him for about 10 minutes.   The quickest date ever. 

He did call later to apologize for being a d**k for not staying and going to dinner.  

Well, I wish the story had a more interesting ending, but after exchanging a couple voice messages, we never talked and never went for a follow-up dinner.  

Such is the dating life of Sitcom Kelly.  (In the outline of the ‘That’s Our Kelly’ show, each episode ends with the name of the guy – in this case Casino Guy – on a headstone in my graveyard of love.)

On next week’s episode... 

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