Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And Here It Is

Years ago, while sitting around the lunch table at work, talking about my rather entertaining/chaotic life of dating, friendships, travel and well, just every day existence, my good friend and former co-worker, Bluzdude, thought it would a great idea for me to blog about my adventures.  That was about 3 years ago.  A year after that – I acquired my blog name, server, etc.  (I’m not even sure if this terminology is correct).  Well a year after that and after many years and many more happy hours filled with pleading by Bluz, here it is.  I'm ready to actually press "Publish."

The lunch time conversations – mostly about my adventures in dating – became the foundation for a sitcom about ME.  Bluz brilliantly drafted an Episode Ideas document about the sitcom and after about 4 years now, I think we have enough material to really pitch the idea to Hollywood .  And I think it would be a success, too... I know I laugh every time I read the notes.  And heaven knows how many times we've seen our ideas used on other sitcoms that appeared since the document's creation. 

But back to the blog.  One of my favorite shows is "30 Rock," featuring one of my favorite characters/actors, Liz Lemon/Tina Fey.  One of my favorite lines from Liz Lemon is “and there it is”.  It comes from the episode where Liz is at an ex-boyfriend's wedding and she meets a guy that has so much potential until he mentions a group he's in called the fluffies.  Liz's response:  And there it is...

Well after that episode, it seemed that catch phrase appeared everywhere.  But I still loved it   So when I was looking for a blog name, I thought it would be perfect if it was called “And there it is”.  It was so applicable to my life.  Everytime time something seemed right, the “And there it is moment” was only a moment away. Well wouldn’t you know, it was already taken… by someone who hadn’t posted anything either!  (Imagine that…).   So I decided to name my blog after our sitcom – That’s Our Kelly.   When typed all together it became: thatsourkelly, which could be taken as “Thats Our Kelly”  OR  "That Sour Kelly."  While the latter is probably more appropriate, it fits either way.
Every time Bluz and I get together for a happy hour or a baseball game or even if it is just an exchange of emails, I always hear “See, this would be a great blog” or “That's an episode”.   

So given that we don't know any Hollywood producers, nor do I want to move to California and starve to death while I hawk a partially written script idea, I figured I'd tell my stories for you here, on a blog, commercial-free.

Great, now Bluz wants me to go out there, just to provide fodder for more episodes... But I think my life here is crazy enough...

You'll see.


  1. Welcome to blogdom! I hope you find it as fun and satisfying as I have.

    1. My sister asked if it will be another 4 years until the next post.